River fish

Sapa residents are also very fond of their fish. One type called Stream fish, because they are residents of the areas mountainous streams or brooks. Stream fish are various in types from white fattened-body fish such as ditch fish, goby to the fish whose color is mixed between black and stone moss color.

Sapa Stream fish are usually not big, just equal to an adult finger, or a knife handle as the biggest. The most special secret is that these Stream fish has no fishy flavor. Once catched, fish are often grilled on coal immediately at the stream in order to store or bring to restaurants in town for sale. After being grilled, fish’s head, tail and fins are very crisp while the fish’s round body still maintains the fiber muscles-unique characteristics only for such mountainous species.

ca suoi ran , mon an dac san , dac san sapa

Stream fishes at Sapa

ca suoi sapa , chaulong sapa , khach san sapa
Grill fish stream fish

ban ho sapa ,ca suoi sapa

Catching the local fish on strem

ca suoi tuoi sapa , dac san sapa , ca sapa di bat ca suoi